Cool satellite


    The goal of this project is to develop, assemble and launch open source/open hardware amateur satellite for experiments in astronomy and satellite communications.

    The satellite will carry 4 CCD sensors for space imaging and FLIR camera for thermal imaging.

    The SDR receiver with antenna array will allow experiments in space signal monitoring.

    HAM repeater will allow voice communication between licensed radio amateurs.

    ISM band modem will allow data exchange with satellite to experimenters without HAM license.

    Ground station will allow to schedule scriptable experiments with onboard instruments via internet.

    The CoolSatellite planned to be launched using piggyback launch opportunities with

    For more information please email to:  info @ coolsatellite org


Ever dreamed of having access to orbital lab?

  1. *4 camera sensors

  2. *FLIR camera

  3. *SDR receiver

  4. *HAM repeater

  5. *ISM modem

  6. *Scriptable experiments

  7. *Hours of fun